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Remzije Lloga was born in 1999, in Struga (North Macedonia). She is currently a final-year-student of fine arts at the University of Tetovo. She is inspired by people and their feelings, introspective emotions and psychology, as well as the history and heritage of certain places. Her art pieces include expressive oil paintings on canvas, sculptures, graphic prints (aquatint, lino prints, drypoint etc.) and mural art. She has participated in several art colonies and exhibitions, such as the Art Symposium Struga, Cultural Bridge, and Art Camp. She is also interested in photography and music.

The history of a place, its heritage, its people… I observe and ‘absorb’ them like energy, and then, I put this energy into my pieces. Some of them are concrete and created on purpose. But some lines and splashes of colour come from the soul, naturally, in a way that I can’t define easily. I incorporate history in my art — even though, it’s the past, it still matters and will always matter.

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