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Inter Alia is a civic non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. Our aim is, among others, to contribute to the cultural and creative sectors by designing, organising and offering: (a) mobility activities and networking events for artists, GLAM professionals and cultural operators to gain more knowledge, experience, visibility and professional opportunities; and (b) inter- and cross-cultural, educational workshops and seminars for diverse audiences to get acquainted with different cultures and perspectives.

Also, we produce and fund non-market oriented activities that are either creative and artistic per se, or use creative and artistic means in order to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, foster innovation and creativity, and enhance civic engagement, activism and youth work. In specific, so far, we have produced:

  • three (3) film documentaries (The Poor Cousin, In Retrospect, Grapes of Wrath),
  • one (1) creative documentary (Dark Vein),
  • one (1) original music score (Poor Cousin),
  • one (1) multi-ethnic festival (African Fest),
  • one (1) short film festival (Positively Different), and
  • one (1) 2-day Balkan event (Unknown Balkans).

Last but not least, along with Open Space Foundation, SFERA INTERNATIONAL and Vojvodina Civic Centre, we have implemented the Creative Europe project ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage, which explored the dark cultural heritage of the Balkans, and contributed to the cultural exchange among Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Role in ECHO II

We organise the Art Residency and the Local Arts Exhibition in Spetses island (Greece). Also, we are making every possible effort to digitise and open up the artistic and other outcomes of ECHO II, for the public to reuse and remix them freely. As the leading organisation of the consortium, we are responsible for the overall management of the project, as well as for its overall communication and dissemination strategy.

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