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Galina Abadjimarinova was born and currently lives in the town of Targovishte (Bulgaria). She studied painting in high school, in a class with extended study of fine arts in Targovishte, and then at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia (Bulgaria), majoring in stage design and painting (Master’s degree). She has been working as a stage designer for 20 years, and has more than 50 realised projects of stage and costume design, both for dramatic and for several puppet shows. She has worked with various directors and received numerous awards for stage design. Apart from being a stage designer, Galina also paints abstract paintings with acrylic on canvas, and mixed media on watercolour paper. Her paintings are an explosion of colours, lines, spots and mark making. Galina has presented her work in two solo exhibitions, as well as in a number of joint ones. Her works are in the possession of galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan.

I have always wanted to paint since a very early age and find that I enjoy life more fully when I am creating and painting. Sometimes when I am painting, I find that I return to being of a child-like mind but on other days, I find that aggression is the more powerful force, but once my feelings are displayed on the canvas, somehow everything seems to quieten down into a form of melancholy. I leave my emotions and intuition to guide me when I paint. More ideas arise from the little details such as colour, spot, line… my imagination helps me to achieve the final result.

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