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Deyana Stareva was born in Sofia in 1989. She studied architecture at the DA of Ferrara (Italy) and in La Cambre – ULB Brussels (Belgium) where she graduated in 2015. She followed art courses as iconography, painting, comics and illustration in parallel to academic studies. She explored different modes of display and representation through diverse artistic mediums like photography, printmaking, linocut, watercolors, pastel and digital collage. She participated in workshops and projects across Europe, in Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany. Since 2017 working as an exhibition designer for ATB in Stuttgart, Germany.

As an architect, exhibition designer and illustrator, I try to create a framework within which life unfolds out in all its simplicity and complexity, with its memory, context and composing elements. The framework usually starts from a sketch, from a simple understanding of the surroundings. I use drawing as a spontaneous and learning process, as an exercise of synthesis and interpretation. Drawings become my archive and visual diary of places, people and events.

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