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Balázs Kontur was born in 1982, in Budapest (Hungary). He studied architecture at Ybl Miklós University, where he met his former architect master, Jenõ Kapy, who defined his architectural thinking. Through Kapy, he got to the Szerencs Art School, where János Fajó and the Art of Pure Form affected him. Year by year, his artistic point of view got stronger. In the Art School, he acquired the visual language of Pure Form, and Fajó became his master. He formed a studio with a group of students from the Art School, worked for five years in architect offices, and then studied contemporary dance, and started to shape his fine art trend. From 2016, he is the art director of K28 Gallery.

Space and Place.

Difference between space and place: Space receive, give space for a process and easily can be described in the language of geometry. Place is the process itself, indescribable, feeling, quality, difficult even to circumscribe.

In the nature of entirety, a landscape is an always changing form of processes in balance. In the nature of human; processes of the past, the form of human history, which appears at the physical level in buildings, society, accumulated knowledge.

Even the smallest part of nature, a simple process contains hundreds of steps which create form, according to the links of the components.

Pure Form is the essence, without any unnecessary component. Rite in processes, spirit in place.
The connection between space and place: essence.


A stripe made by freehand is always incorrect, different from the perfect line, between the starting and the end point. In dependence of the mind set (state), the difference creates a secondary structure. Visible when the aligned stripes create a picture. A given error, fragment of thought, copied with modifications spreads, then flatten into the background noise. A secondary structure comes to be.

The base-layer on a painting has a delicate factor due to cooling, which can create error, unarranged chaotic form. The other factor is the freehand, which makes the stripes. The structure, created in this way, refers to the aligned stripes, and functions as color, filling, state on the painting.

The structure filled geometry describes a space, which is cristal clear and static. This space is the vector equilibrium. The compositions are the different variations of filling this space.

Black and gold functions not as color but as the symbol of darkness and light. Gold is reflective, including the possibility of mirroring: to be a golden mirror.

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