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Nikos is a founding member of Inter Alia, and is involved in the ECHO II project organising the Art Residency and the Local Arts Exhibition in Spetses island, Greece. Nikos holds a PhD in International Studies (Panteion University), a MA in International Conflict Analysis (University of Kent) and a BSc in Political Science and History (Panteion University). Since 2019, he participates in the research MSc “Environment and Art” of the University of the Aegean. He is an alumnus of the KRAF programme of KFOS, and a Social Semiotics journal reviewer. He was the cultural heritage supervisor of the pilot project ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage (2018-2019), and one of the text-writers of the creative documentary “Dark Vein”, that was produced in its context.

Selected Publications
  • Pasamitros, N., Krikoni, V. (2021), “Approaching Dark Cultural Heritage Places: Through Visual Creation: The ECHO Project (European Cultural Heritage Onstage)”, Critical Studies in Cultural Heritage, 1 (1), publication pending.

  • Pasamitros, N. (2017), “Cultural Heritage: Contested Perspectives and Strategies in Kosovo”, in I. Armakolas, A. Demjaha, A. Elbasani, S. Schwandner-Sievers, E. Skendaj, N. Tzifakis (eds.), State-building in Post-Independence Kosovo: Policy Challenges and Societal Considerations, Prishtinë: Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, pp 291-308 (download the book).

Selected Presentations
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