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Nanda Mentesheva is a visual artist from Sofia, Bulgaria, mostly working in the field of graphic design and illustration. In her work, she uses a variety of techniques including paper art, as well as both hand drawn and digital illustration – balancing between the possibilities of the digital realm and the true beauty of the real world. In 2018, Nanda got her degree in Illustration from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, and works in the field of branding, packaging, web design and illustration ever since. Her final project titled “dream lit” -an interactive pop-up book- is an example of her bold ideas and experimental mindset. Even though born in Bulgaria, traveling is highly infused in Nanda’s way of living, which also translates in her creative work. In the last 5 years, she’s been living between the UK, Portugal, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Her graphic work can be compared to a visual diary, representing her adaptive spirit and enthusiasm for change.

For me creativity is the highest form of expression, where the lead is taken by pure intuition, and emotion is being expressed in form. As in life, in my art, the feeling of something unexpected, but yet familiar and close, is present. This reminds me of the sensation of travelling, when you are moving between spaces, and you capture just a glance that passes away, floating around in the abeyance of the whole impression. Then, you are in transition, being nowhere, yet everywhere – in quiet and alive anticipation for what is about to come, while you are completely free from any localisation.

Whatever media I am using, colour plays an important role. Through it, the atmosphere is being created, including the indication of time and the underlying emotion. By layering colours – the texture is being crafted, which then fabricates the form itself. This playfulness is the ground where all possibilities of expression are being born. There, I invite the viewer to interact with the art piece, allowing the experience to set him/her free.

Another important aspect for me is the interaction between art and technology, which reflects my tendency to investigate the dynamics between oppositions, such as digital – analogue, innovation-art, functionality – aesthetics, static – movement, light – form. These dialectics represent the complex outlook on life that the many years of travelling have gifted me with.

The constant continuation of impressions, the contrast between light and shadow and the interaction of both of them – these are inherent features that all of us live with.

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