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Djoshkun Alievski was born in North Macedonia. He has a high school diploma in graphic design, and a Bachelor’s degree in Turkish language and literature from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (2017). Throughout the years, he has collaborated with various artists, publishers, and cultural institutions, and has worked in a number of interdisciplinary projects (from illustrating educational materials in the context of state sponsored projects to being a leading illustrator in the context of a major publisher project in Russia). He has been inspired by the international character of the art industry and contemporary art, and has embraced it in regard to the -consistent, yet small- art market of North Macedonia. Currently, he works as a freelance illustrator.

I consider myself a self-taught artist, with my artistic skills being mostly based on my strong photographic memory. I prefer traditional line art, and my artistic style is something in between realistic cartoonish and comic styles. I like making designs depicting interactions between animals and plants, since I am a huge enthusiast of such content. I use various colour palettes, but mostly, I prefer using darker colours, since I want my message to be disturbing, but also pleasing to the eye with accurate details.

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